Friday, June 6, 2008

Sidewalk Stompers

I remember a handful of us took a road trip up to Indy one year to watch these guys. It always bugged me how much they looked like KICB. The picture on the front of their website does, well, except for the lack of orange jimmers, look like KICB.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Former CCQ's through KICB XIV

KICB I: Denny Fitzpatrick
KICB II: Denny Fitzpatrick
KICB III: Denny Fitzpatrick
KICB V: Herb
KICB VI: Nancy
KICB VII: Lynn Powers
KICB VIII: Susie Hoffman
KICB X: Kris Kagler
KICB XI: Venny
KICB XII: Ellen Halsema
KICB XIII: Barb Keller
KICB XIV: Chuck Ingram

Who'em I missin'? Post your answers in comments (year and name).

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Conservative Eye for the Liberal Guy

This 2004 video of late 80's CB'er John Hartmann is timely (Hartman is "Tad - Christianity") given the political season.

Photographic Evidence on Intra-Park Penetration

Clown Band alumni returns to the park for the reunion event the day of the Knievel jump. Reviews are quite positive, and there's a pending invite for a return on July 4th.

Reasons for Dismissal

Noted without comment, from the Live Shows 1980 Seasonal Employee Manual:

Although we hope that no one will ever have to be dismissed from Live Shows, here are a few things to be aware of that, if you should do, may result in immediate dismissal.
  1. Any discourteous behavior to guests, arguing or using profanity.
  2. Consistent disregard of wardrobe policies and the Park Grooming
  3. Theft, misuse or misappropriation of Park property. These offenses are subject to prosecution under State law.
  4. Leaving your assigned work station without the permission of your supervisor.
  5. Excessive absences from work. Persistent tardiness for work or in returning from breaks.
  6. Refusing to allow Security to search any packages, parcels, purses, etc.
  7. Repeated instances of talking to other employees while you or they are on duty.
  8. Falsification, misuse, or alterations of records, such as medical forms,
    time cards, employment applications and Park employee identification cards.
  9. Misuse of employee privileges, such as the employee parking area, the
    Cafeteria, family passes, etc.
  10. Possession, use, sale, or reporting to work under the influence of narcotics, barbituates, hallucinogens, illegal drugs, or alcohol.
  11. Insubordination.
  12. Possession of dangerous or lethal weapons.
  13. Giving or accepting food, merchandise, or rides without proper payment.
  14. Fighting at Park regardless of who provokes it.
  15. Dishonesty.
  16. Horseplay of any kind.
  17. Smoking or eating while on duty and in view of the public.
  18. Taking or soliciting gratuities from guests.
  19. Gambling, sleeping while on duty (Unless permitted by Stage Manager / Supervisor.)
  20. Handling of any animals in the park or entry into any of the Wild Animal
    compounds (Kings Island, Kings Dominion, Marineland) unless authorized to do so.
  21. Receiving three (3) or more citations from Security (Parking, etc.)
  22. Failure to abide by all present and subsequently issued rules of the company
    or any existing department standards.

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Official - Knievel Jr. to Jump at KICB Revival Show

Well, not exactly, but CB did get CAPITAL Letters in the official Kings Island announcement:

In addition to the opportunity to see Hanna-Barbera characters wandering in
the park again, a variety of live entertainment will be available for guests to
enjoy, including the ONE TIME RETURN of the KINGS ISLAND CLOWN BAND!

Looking forward to seeing the reunion special on forthcoming episode of VH1's Bands Reunited.

This Date in KICB History: 25 Years Ago Today

I couldn't recall the exact reason for the promo until I saw the caption. KICB XII down on Fountain Square. I remember we collectively thought the promo was green (inset is from the calendar - May 23, 1983 was a Monday), because the crowd was non-responsive, and was too far away.

Next day, lookie there, we made the front page!
Update: Click on the image for a larger version.
Caption: CELEBRATION IN SOUND: The saxophone section fo the Kings island Clown Band swings out on Fountain Square Plaza Monday as the band joins in marking the 100th anniversary of Children's Hospital Medical Center. Balloons, fliers, and a proclamation by Cincinnati Mayor Thomas Brush helped celebrate the founding of the former Children's Hospital in 1883.